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by Cignition, on Dec 2, 2019 8:55:40 AM

1. LEGO Eiffel Tower Math Skills Practiced: Mental calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) Practice calculating area and perimeter and visually connecting similarities and differences between the two Understanding physical applications …

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by Cignition, on Nov 6, 2018 1:51:53 PM

Dr Jo Boaler is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University, and the faculty director of youcubed. Her latest book is Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential through Creative Math, …

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by Cignition, on Nov 6, 2018 1:39:12 PM

Imagine if a student's first back-to-school math assignment came not in a worksheet, but in the form of a quest, directing them to craft buildings, grow plants, corral their animals, …

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