Understand. Plan. Succeed.


Cignition's taken a different approach to tutoring. We only work with the most experienced certified math tutors trained in a wide range of teaching approaches and skilled at reaching every child. Furthermore, we incorporate neuroscientific learning principles, machine learning, and a unique approach that takes the time to understand each child's needs and strengths. We diagnose their learning level, discover their gaps in understanding, and help them achieve confidence in their own abilities, all in a collaborative, fun learning environment.

6th grade girl tutoring with Cignition

No other service comes close to so deeply understanding and aligning to your child's unique needs.


Our tutors diagnose gaps in your child's math understanding, review their current curriculum needs (textbook, pacing guide, homework, tests, etc.), and then create a custom learning plan that guides their instruction every step of the way.

Personalized learning plan to guide your child to success in math.


Our tutors will perform weekly sessions with your child, sharing plan goals and progress each step of the way. The learning continues beyond their live sessions, through guided activities and game-based learning, all aligned with their unique learning goals.

Research across thousands of tutoring sessions has shown Cignition tutoring to be effective in both improving math scores as well as attitudes towards learning math. Furthermore, independent studies show Cignition’s supporting activities and games to increase average scores by 30%.

Personalized, engaging, research-backed tutoring guaranteed to aid your child in succeeding in math.


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