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Only Expert Certified Math Tutors

Cignition works with only the best certified math tutors. With an average of 16 years teaching experience, they're experts at diagnosing children's needs and successfully guiding their math learning. See for yourself by scheduling a free session today.
Research-Backed Proof

Research Proves Cignition's Approach Works

Not all tutoring is the same! Cignition's unique approach was proven to have the strongest effect on student gains through an independent research study. Cignition doubled the best effect of prior studies, including several in-person tutoring studies, with less time tutoring! Study authors commented that, if maintained for a year, students could gain an entire additional year of learning. Full study paper here.
Math learning in a fun game-based environment

Live Tutoring Plus Engaging Practice

When not in a tutoring session, Cignition's tutors guide children in fun, online practice activities, at the topic and concept level they're working on in their live sessions, bringing the math to life and further supporting their learning journey.

Online math tutoring with Cignition

Convenient, Affordable, and Proven Effective

Schedule at-home online tutoring now to ensure they succeed in math. Cignition's unique approach, bringing the most experienced math tutors together with engaging hands-on learning environments, quickly helps every child succeed and gain a love of math.  Schedule your child's first session for free today!

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Best Match

All of Cignition's tutors are expert certified math teachers, averaging 16 years teaching experience. We will diagnose your child's specific needs and then match them with the perfect tutor to guide their learning journey.


Guided Learning

Tutors meet 1-on-1 with your child weekly, focusing on their current studies and gaps they may have in their math learning. Between sessions children can receive additional practice activities, making learning math convenient, effective and fun! 


Deep Insights

We constantly evaluate your child's progress and performance, giving you and our tutors unique insights to guide their learning and to help your child succeed and grow in math. 

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What Parents and Children Say About Cignition Tutoring

Common Sense Education 5-Star Rating
Mom's Choice Gold Award
Common Sense Education Best Edtech of 2017
Thanks very much for these feedback emails after every session. I find these very useful and wanted to mention how much I appreciate these notes. 

Parent of a 9th Grade Child

Kids are so engaged and they really have a better understanding conceptually of adding, multiplying and dividing with fractions after consistent use. 

Theresa O
Kathryn Smith Elementary School

I listened in to the tutoring sessions today and [tutor] was very clear and explained things really well. Both of my children enjoyed working with her.

Parent of a 3rd & 4th Grader

This is incredibly powerful in helping kids truly understand what it means to multiply fractions. Kids will rave about the bizarrely fun games that continue to challenge.

Common Sense Education
2017 5-Star Review

I tried it with my own child and her response was, “Why haven’t you made me do this sooner? It’s awesome!”

B. Lucio
Math Coordinator, Hays CISD

I have some kids STUCK in a fixed mindset about math and I NEED to work with them on comparing and ordering fractions. My kids who were ready to move on have been happily building houses and chimneys and loving math. A student built himself a factory, so I’m guessing he’s playing with ratios as well. It’s really such a good tool.

Erica Foster
The Wellington School

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