“Cignition has done an excellent job with our three kids. They are all in different grades, and our personal tutor adjusted to each grade level and learning style. My children look forward to their tutoring sessions and enjoy talking about their learning. It overall is a fantastic experience!”

6th, 8th, and 10th-grade children

“Thanks very much for these feedback emails after every session. I find these very useful and wanted to mention how much I appreciate these notes."

8th-Grade Child

“We are so grateful to Cignition. Our daughter really struggles with math yet she enjoys learning now. Your teachers are exceptionally well-qualified and dedicated. Their patience, personalization and warm encouragement has enabled them to really connect with our daughter, deepen her understanding of math, and boost her confidence. We see that she is not just memorizing math facts but is able to actually apply what she’s learning to solve real-world problems. We deeply appreciate being able to track her progress through the session updates. Your lessons and platform far exceed a typical Zoom class."

5th-Grade Child

“The sessions were really helpful. I was able to learn new strategies on how to solve a problem. If I didn’t understand the problem the tutor tried to show it in a different way and gave me the time to understand it.”


“"It's great that you can provide a custom plan for our son's needs. We were not able to find a local tutor of this quality able to tutor Monday and Friday evening.”

2nd-Grade Child

"I’m so thankful for the amazing tutoring sessions with Maya. She enjoys each and every one of them! It deepens her understanding and gives her more confidence and joy in math. She also really enjoys the special personal connection, and it gives her a ray of sunshine and human connection amidst distance learning."

5th-Grade Child

"My tutor is a really nice person. I feel smarter than what I am right now because she really helped me a lot and I appreciate it a lot. Thanks, you’re wonderful."

4th Grade

My son tutors weekly with Cignition for an hour. He struggled before but it's now become easier for him; more fun. Math isn't as complicated for him anymore.

5th-Grade Child

"Math is really hard for me but I love learning it now with my new tutor. I never feel bored or confused because she explains everything really clearly and shows me how to do the examples on our shared screen. And we play fun math games too! Thank you so much!"

5th Grade

"I listened in to the tutoring sessions today and the tutor was very clear and explained things really well. Both of my children enjoy working with her."

3rd and 9th-Grade Children

Why Cignition?

Boy Succeeding in Math

Confidence Your Child Will Succeed In Math

COVID has had a devastating impact on student's math learning. Cignition's certified math teachers work 1-on-1 weekly online with your child, gaining deep insights into their current learning needs and developing a custom plan that keeps them focused, on-track, and enjoying their math studies. Cignition tutors cover all math standards K12 including number sense, measurements, geometry, fractions, data and statistics, algebra, calculus, trigonometry and more. Online sessions are flexible to meet your child's busy schedule and parents receive weekly updates on their progress and performance. 30-minute sessions start at just $30 with deep discounts for long-term plans.
Cignition's Expert Math Teachers

Only Expert Certified Math Tutors

Cignition works with only the best certified math teachers. With an average of 16 years teaching experience, they're experts at diagnosing children's needs and successfully guiding their math learning. See for yourself by scheduling a free session today.
Research-Backed Proof

Research Proves Cignition's Approach Works

Not all tutoring is the same! Cignition's unique approach was proven to have the strongest effect on student gains through a recent independent research study. The study showed that Cignition doubled the best effect of prior studies with less time tutoring! Full study paper here.
Online math tutoring with Cignition

Convenient, Affordable, and Proven Effective

Schedule at-home online tutoring now to ensure they succeed in math. Cignition's unique approach, bringing the most experienced math tutors together with engaging hands-on learning environments, all standards and classwork aligned, quickly helps every child succeed and gain a love of math.  Schedule your child's first session for free today!

Cignition's Awards & Recognition

Common Sense Education 5-Star Rated

How it Works


Best Match

All of Cignition's tutors are expert certified math teachers, averaging 16 years teaching experience. We will diagnose your child's specific needs and then match them with the perfect tutor to personally guide their learning journey.


Guided Learning

Tutors meet 1-on-1 with your child weekly, focusing on their current studies and gaps they may have in their math learning. Between sessions children can receive additional practice activities, making learning math convenient, effective and fun! 


Deep Insights

We constantly evaluate your child's progress and performance, giving you and our tutors unique insights to guide their learning and to help your child succeed and grow in math. 

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