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This is incredibly powerful in helping kids truly understand math. Kids will rave about the bizarrely fun games that continue to challenge.
- Common Sense Education 5-Star Review

Research-backed, 5-star rated, and a top pick for education

Common Sense Education Top Pick
Common Sense Education 5-Star Rating

How It Works

Start with the Right Learning Environment

Kids are hands-on learners with Cignition. From building villages with fractionally sized bricks, to working with their tutor in an interactive whiteboard, students see the math in action, deepening their conceptual understanding.

Personalize and Adapt

Machine learning analyzes every in-game interaction, delivering a personalized math learning experience that constantly adapts to each child's abilities. Tutors review data from FogStone and other digital learning programs, allowing them to uniquely understand and target student's specific learning needs.

Personalized and adaptive math learning

Focus on Deep Conceptual Understanding

Cignition's FogStone Isle math supplement and live expert certified math tutors support and guide children through each math topic with a concentration on gaining conceptual understanding. 

FogStone Isle intelligent math tutorials

Succeed in the Classroom

Teachers gain access to a comprehensive set of tools including:

  • Student diagnostic reports
  • Standards and textbook alignments
  • Assignment/grading tools
  • Concept-based interventions


Teacher tools, student diagnostics, interventions, and more

Data-Driven Tutoring

Cignition's pool of expert math tutors are ready to help your students succeed, inside and outside of school time. Utilizing engaging, hands-on learning environments and tools as well as comprehensive student diagnostic data, our tutors deliver focused online sessions targeted to a child's specific needs. Learn more about incorporating Cignition tutors into your classroom and after school programs:

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Expert Online Tutoring Utilizing FogStone Isle
Expert Online Math Tutoring
Engaging & Effective
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Students are so engaged and they really have a better understanding conceptually of adding, multiplying and dividing with fractions after consistent usage. I have worked for 11 years in 6th grade in Title I schools. By using FogStone Isle consistently, I noticed all ability ranges thrived in our fractions unit. This was a first for me!

Theresa O
Kathryn Smith Elementary School

I have some kids STUCK in a fixed mindset about math and I NEED to work with them on comparing and ordering fractions. My kids who were ready to move on have been happily building houses and chimneys and loving math. A student built himself a factory, so I’m guessing he’s playing with ratios as well. It’s really such a good tool.

Erica Foster
The Wellington School

I tried it with my own child and her response was, “Why haven’t you made me do this sooner? It’s awesome!”

B. Lucio
Math Coordinator, Hays CISD

As a Tech TOSA, I have worked with teachers to use FogStone Isle with their students. Teachers report that student conceptual learning of fraction operations is deeper because of playing FogStone Isle.

Kristi F.
Evergreen School District

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Why FogStone Isle

Meet Kids Where They Want to Be

Today’s kids live for digital games. FogStone Isle is a fun virtual world where children are active learners, immersed in real-world math scenarios proven engaging to both boys and girls.

Better Data - Better Results

In FogStone Islerich student profile is built through game-play. Teachers see detailed diagnostic data at a conceptual level, allowing them to quickly gauge individual and entire class progress and understanding. See our Research Results.

Neuroscience at Our Core

The games within FogStone Isle optimize specific learning goals while reinforcing learning and improving recall. Through careful control of working memory load and design elements that stimulate different brain systems during information acquisition, we build stronger neural networks of integrated information that center around each concept. Learn more about key neuroscientific learning principles embedded throughout FogStone.

Deep Conceptual Understanding

Every math topic is broken into the full sequence of conceptual leaps required to reach mastery. Within a conceptual level, the game adapts as students improve their procedural fluency, moving them to the next conceptual level when they prove ready.

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