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Affordable, Effective Math Tutoring

Partner with Cignition for high-impact, evidence-based in-school and after school virtual math tutoring.

  • Turn-key program including flexible individual and small group tutoring, formative assessments, classroom teacher coordination, curriculum alignment, and detailed efficacy reporting 

Expert Math Tutoring Customized to Each Child

Cignition's unique math support program targets significant improvements in K-12 math outcomes as well as improvements in student attitudes towards math.

Key Program Features:

  • Only expert certified math teachers (averaging 17 years teaching experience) that are dedicated to specific students throughout their time tutoring 
  • Custom preparation for every session, based on analysis of multiple data sources, practice results, formative assessments, and alignment with your curriculum 
  • Virtual tutoring sessions, typically 30-to-40 minutes in length, delivered through an engaging interactive web-based learning environment, with flexible scheduling during and outside of the school day

Research-Validated Approach:

  • In an independent random control trial completed spring of 2020, Cignition achieved a significant effect size of .46, tutoring twice a week over a 12-week study. Cignition's results were twice as effective as leading intervention programs in a shorter dosage timeframe. Note that an effect size of that magnitude is generally considered indicative of greater than a full year gain in mathematics understanding (Lipsey et al., 2012). Click here for full study.

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FogStone Isle and Expert Math Tutoring

Two unique offerings, working in conjunction to meet every child's math learning needs.

FogStone Isle virtual world math program brings deep conceptual math understanding to both boys and girls. Through real-world activities, children immerse themselves in math while creating their own unique and enduring world. Independent studies show dramatic test score gains of 30+% on average when played 1-2 times per week.  FogStone Isle is completely free and easy to implement as a high-value benefit to your program's elementary and middle school children. 

Cignition's Tutoring matches expert math tutors with children, meeting them where they want to be (in FogStone Isle), right when they need help the most.  Cignition identifies when a child is struggling, matching them to an expert in that topic and concept. Sessions are brief and targeted, aiding children quickly and cost effectively. Cignition's tutoring is currently being provided to select after school programs for free through a generous education grant-funded pilot program. 

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